In order to apply for "Software Engineer" at Perlo, follow the instructions below.

Send a POST request to 
With the following JSON payload:
    "name": "your name",
    "email": "your email",
    "country": "country you live in",
    "city": "city you live in",
    "message": "wanna share something? (max 2048 characters)"
    "github": "your github url",
    "linkedin": "your linkedin url"

And pay attention to the output.

About the job

Software Engineer

Open call! We use:
& build paradigm-shifting software for the property industry.

We are based at StartupLab in Oslo and have employees in 3 different countries from 4 different nationalities.

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About the company

Perlo is a tool for the property industry that unifies all of your project data and gives you an overview across all information and prioritisation, in addition to critical industry data comparisons.

Your project statuses and actionable insights will no longer be fragmented across your different digital tools.

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